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Storage Tower XIII
Built on the same storage design concept from the original Storage Tower, the Storage Tower XIII feature 13 3.5" drive bays, bigger power supply, and more rooms for mounting more Port Multipliers (PM) or connectors. All these translates into more flexibility and more drives for larger storage capacity to meet your storage requirement.
Dual Mini SAS Converters and Cables
The Addonics family of SATA - external mini SAS converters make implementing the reliable external mini SAS cabling between system and external SATA storage easy and simple. Cables are available to provide conversion between a variety of different interfaces.
SATA - external mini SAS (SFF-8088) bridge
The Addonics family of SATA - external mini SAS bridges make implementing the reliable external mini SAS cabling between system and external SATA storage system easy and simple. Consists of a system version (for the host) and an enclosure version (for the device).
2.5" Snap-In Disk Array
The new Addonics 2.5" Snap-In Disk Array is a high density removable hard drive system that supports installing up to four 2.5" SATA hard drives or SSDs into one standard 5.25" drive bay. This compact form factor makes this Disk Array an ideal solution for increasing hard drive storage in small computers, mini ATX systems or for applications that require large number of drives.
1:7 and 1:11 2.5" HDD/SSD Duplicator
Our latest Addonics 1:7 and 1:11 2.5" HDD/SSD duplicators are an economical and simple to use one to seven and one to eleven hard drive duplicator solution, featuring our 2.5" Snap-In Disk Array for screw and trayless insertion and removal of drives.
Zebra Snap-In Disk Array
Utilizing the latest SATA technologies, the Z Snap-In Disk Array offers the fastest external storage performance with data throughput up to 3Gbps via either a single eSATA or Multilane connection to a computer. With the latest 2.5" Snap-In Disk Array, you can swap drives in and out of the Z Disk Array, just like using tape cassette without requiring trays or screws.
mSATA - SATA HDD Adapter
This mSATA - SATA HDD Adapter is designed to enable mSATA (mini SATA) SSD to be used as a direct replacement for a 2.5" SATA hard drive. As a result, any equipment, such as Notebook computer, that uses a 2.5" SATA hard drive can be easily converted to use the low power and shock resistant flash media, just like a SATA solid state drive (SSD).
Hybrid HDD - mSATA SSD Controller
The Hybrid HDD - mSATA SSD is a special one port SATA III PCI-e host controller combined with a mSATA (mini SATA) SSD slot. The controller enhances the performance of any ordinary SATA hard drive by the faster speed of an mSATA SSD (Solid State Drive), significantly improving the boot up time of your system as well as the overall read/write performance of the hard drive.
5-Port HPM-XU
The 5-port HPM-XU is one of the most advanced Port Multipliers in the market. Built on the exact same platform as the HPM-XA, this new port multiplier comes built-in with eSATA and the lastest USB 3.0 interface. Using the 5-Port HPM-XU, you can connect as many as five SATA hard drives to any system via just a single eSATA or USB cable.
1:4 Duplicator Deluxe
The 1:4 HDD Duplicator Deluxe is constructed in a light weight and sturdy aluminum chassis with a handle for easy transportation. You can make as many as four copies of 3.5" or 2.5" SATA hard drives or a mixture of both, all at one time...You can load or unload the drive just like using VHS cassette without any special tool
Hybrid HDD - SSD Controller
The Hybrid HDD-SSD controller is a special two port SATA III PCI-e host controller that can be used in hybrid mode to enhance the performance of any ordinary SATA hard drive to 80% of the speed of an SSD (Solid State Drive).
Mini DigiDrive IV
The Mini DigiDrive IV is our 4th generation Flash Reader/Writer with a new style, more features and 10 time faster performance than most USB Flash readers on the market. This new Reader/Writer is equipped with the latest USB 3.0 interface standard and 5 flash media slots to supports 15 different type of flash memory formats.
1:11 HDD Duplicator
The latest Addonics 1:11 HDD (Hard Disk Drive) Duplicator can copy as many as 11 target drives from a single source, making this the ideal solution for production or data distribution application.
Internal UDD II with SATA interface
The Addonics Internal UDD™ II shares the same versatility of the Pocket UDD II . It can read/write to PCMCIA hard drive and ATA Flash memory with the fast SATA connection to any Desktop computer. By using an optional CF DigiAdapter or the Addonics 4-in-1 DigiAdapter, the Internal UDD II can also be used like a regular floppy drive to read/write to the most popular types of Flash media.
Snap-In Disk Array
The Snap-In Disk Array is the Addonics latest removable drive system that enable installing as many as five 3.5" hard drives into three 5.25" drive bays on any Desktop PC, Tower chassis or 4U Rack mount system. The hard drive can be added into the Snap-In Disk Array by simply sliding the hard drive into one of the drives slots and closing the drive door, just like using a VHS cassette.
Pocket UDD II
The Addonics Pocket UDD™ (Ultra DigiDrive) II is one of the fastest Readers/Writers for Flash media, PCMCIA hard drive and ATA Flash. Build on the same utilitarian concept of its predecessor Pocket UDD, the Pocket UDD II supports maximum throughput of 150 Mbytes/sec via eSATA or the latest USB 3.0 connection, cutting almost half of the data transfer time between the new high speed media and the computer.

NAS 3.0 Adapter
The NAS 3.0 is Addonics' 3rd generation NAS adapter with up to 30% faster performance and several powerful enhancements. The new features in the NAS 3.0 adapter include support of NTFS and exFAT file system, WebDav server, two drive volumes, storage capacities as large as 128PB, and features rivaling expensive NAS storage solutions.

Blu-Ray/DVD/CD DigiCopier
1,2,3! That is how easy it is to copy a Blu-Ray, DVD or a CD with the Addonics family of Blu-Ray/DVD DigiCopier! You can copy any Blu-Ray, DVD or CD disc without a computer. All you need to do is to place the master disc into the source drive located on the top of the unit and a blank media into the rest of the other drives below the source drive.
Embedded IDE - Dual SATA Port Converter
The Embedded IDE- Dual SATA ports Converter instantly turns a standard 40-pin IDE port into two SATA ports. Installation is easy, simply insert the IDE side of the converter directly onto the IDE channel of the motherboard in your system. There is no software or driver to install.
The RAID Tower III is a compact RAID storage system that include many features in larger RAID Towers. As many as five 3.5" SATA hard drive can be installed into the RAID Tower III. The small foot print, silent operation and large storage capability of the RAID Tower III make it the ideal solution for a wide variety of storage applications in small business and home.
Storage Tower III
The Storage Tower III features three standard 5 1/4" drive bays and an integrated 180 watts power supply in a compact stylish chassis.
CF/CFast Drive
The CF/CFast Drive from Addonics is a unique and flexible platform for creating your own solid state drive (SSD) with high speed SATA interface using commercially available CF flash card or the latest high speed CFast card. Designed to installed into a standard 5 1/4" drive bay of a Desktop or Rack mounted system, the CF/CFast Drive can accommodate up to six CF or CFast media.
External CipherChain
The External CipherChain is a unique security tool that you can be used for a variety of storage applications. Built on a FIPS certified AES 256-bit crypto engine, the External CipherChain is a perfect solution to secure sensitive data stored in external RAID storage, hard drive, SSDs or many popular flash media.
Cipher Z drive cartridge system
The Cipher Z drive cartridge system is a fast and simple solution for securing any 3.5" or 2.5" SATA hard drive with the Addonics bullet proof AES 256-bit encryption. Drive is added or removed from the Cipher Z drive cartridge system like a VHS cassette. Encryption is activated by a simple insertion of a Cipher key on the back of the drive enclosure, just like unlocking the door.
Cipher Z drive enclosure
The Z drive enclosure turns any 3.5" or 2.5" hard drive into an external eSATA hard drive with bullet proof AES 256-bit encryption. By attaching an optional USB 3.0 - eSATA adapter, the Cipher Z drive enclosure can be connected to the latest USB 3.0 port or the ubiquitous USB 2.0 port commonly found on many computer systems.
1:11 HDD Duplicator Subsystem
This 1:11 hard drive duplicator controller provides a simple fast drive copying solution without using a computer. Designed to install into standard 5 1/4" drive bay of any computer chassis and be powered by a standard PC power supply, any SATA hard drive or SSD, from 1.8" to 3.5" form factor, can be connected to the source and target port of this duplicator controller.

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2011 PC Magazine Editor's Choice Pick
"Addonics delivers everything as stated in its documentation about the NAS 3.0 Adapter (NAS30U2), and its performance is top notch for a device in this class, earning it four stars and our Editors’ Choice award for USB NASes."
"Inc. Magazine Lists Addonics HPM as one of 10 Tech Innovations to Help Your Business."

"Addonics has made a few great improvements on the NAS 3.0 - there's support for drive volumes over 256TB in size, a much improved web GUI, and WebDAV support to easily create your own cloud at home."
Do you think that creating your own cloud server is a hard task? need a expert network administrator to set it up?
Tired of having to rely on third party solutions for cloud storage? Unsatisfied with their uptime, security or policies? Well, you don’t have to worry no more.
"Addonics SATA adapter turns six CF / CFast cards into one SSD"
"Addonics lets you turn your CF or CFast cards into a solid state drive"
"Keeping one's personal data safe at all times is an extremely important task, especially when said pieces of information have quite a sensitive nature, and this is exactly where the new External CipherChain from Addonics comes into play."
"Unlike simple password protection and low level encryption, the Addonics External CipherChain is built on a FIPS certified AES 256-bit crypto engine, providing the same level protection used to secure government documents classified as "Top Secret.""

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