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  06/08/03 - A Great Way To Copy Original CDs In A FLASH!
PRO - Copies at amazing speed whether attached to a computer or used as a stand-alone unit.


12/19/02 - Top Honors Award

...Overall, We were very impressed with the quality, ease of installation, and performance of these devices. Addonics has produced devices that have been missing from the drive market for a long time and they have done it right. If these are something you've been looking for, we highly recommend them. They are more than we expected and receive both our Works with Linux Certification and the Top Honors Award.

  5/9/02 - Ultimate PC Awards in the Value Added Component category from CRN.
  01/02 -Top Product Rating
"There is no question that this widget alleviates some of the pain and nausea caused by juggling so many different formats."
(Maximum PC)
  02/00 - Addonics Pocket CDRW included in the Best Buys Hot List.
(Computer Shopper)