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Addonics News - 2002

12/29/02 Product review of ATAPI-SCSI and IDE -SCSI converter
...Overall, We were very impressed with the quality, ease of installation, and performance of these devices... If these are something you've been looking for, we highly recommend them.. by
11/19/02 Addonics DVD DigiCopier Simplifies DVD and CD Copying - eMedia Extra
11/18/02 Addonics Delivers Three-Step DVD DigiCopier
11/14/02 Addonics DVD DigiCopier makes copying DVDs or CDs a simple process -
11/14/02 Addonics DVD DigiCopier Makes Copying DVDs or CDs a Simple Process by
11/02/02 Addonics Pocket UDD (Ultra DigiDrive) product review by
10/04/02 Addonics Making Converts Out Of Storage Devices (
10/02/02 Addonics releases ATAPI, IDE to SCSI solutions (MacCentral)
10/02/02 Addonics converters common storage devices into high-speed SCSI drives! (
10/02/02 Addonics Converters Turn Common Storage Devices into High-Speed SCSI Drives; Addonics also Announces Ultra 160 SCSI PCI Host Controller (CNET)
08/24/02 Firma Addonics zaprezentowala urzadzenie o nazwie Pocket UDD, czyli uniwersalny czytnik kart pamieci, wyposazony w interfejs USB lub FireWire. Urzadzenie moze odczytywac dane z 9 typów nosników Flash. (PC World Komputer)
08/22/02 Put Nine Media Storage Types in Your Pocket (
08/22/02 Ultra DigiDrive Brings PC Card to Desktops
08/22/02 Addonics Offers Ultra DigiDrive (
05/29/02 - The DigiDrive is a wonderful all-in-one solution to quickly and easily managing audio, video, and PDA memory cards. (ConsumerGuide)
05/22/02 - Addonics' DigiDrive Simplifies Reading Of Flash Memory. (CRN)
05/21/02 - Addonics expands flash readers family. (
05/15/02 - Addonics Flash Card Reader family. (Steve's DigiCams)
05/14/02 - Addonics releases new Flash card readers. (MacCentral)
05/09/02 - Utimate PC Award winner 2002 by CRN. (CRN)
03/26/02 - Internal 7-in-1 Flash Memory Card Reader targets PC User Apps. (e-insite)
03/26/02 - Stick Seven Kinds of Memory Cards into Your Desktop PC. (Hardware Central)
03/15/02 - Addonics announces 32x Combo CD-RW/Copier and 16X pocket CD-RW Drive. (
03/13/02 - Addonics has introduced a CD-RW "copier". The Combo CDRW/Copier features a fast 52X CD-ROM as a source drive and a high speed 32 x 12 x 40 CDRW. (
03/13/02 - Pocket DVD/CDRW drive. (
03/12/02 - Addonics intros new CD-RW drives. (MacNN)
03/11/02 - Addonics' all-in-one drive. (Electronics Publishing)
02/14/02 - Addonic Intros USB 2.0 Drive. (Twice)
02/07/02 - Addonics' Most Portable DVD/CD-RW Drive Is Also Most Compatible. (Hardware Central)
01/29/02 - Addonics Intros Pocket-sized DVD/CDRW Drive. (
01/25/02 - Addonics Introduces New Pocket DVD/CDRW Drive. (
01/11/02 - Pocket DigiDrive review. (PC World)
01/08/02 - Addonics Announces External Combo DVD/CDRW Drive. (
01/08/02 - Addonics' External Combo DVD/CDRW Drive. (Tom's Hardware Guide)
01/07/02 - Addonics introduce Mobile DVD/CDRW drive. (
01/07/02 - Addonics announces external 20/12/40/12 combo DVD/CDRW drive. (