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Addonics News - 2004

08/17/04 Storage workhorse handles multiple tasks
Addonics MFR (Multi Function Recorder) with DVD+/-R/RW easily earns its name. ...device functions as a DVD burner and player ...It also has a built-in flash memory card reader and writer. .. a standalone MP3 player and a copier. .. it can copy data from 11 flash media card formats directly onto DVDs and CDs discs. When connected to a television, it turns into a DVD player that plays movies and photo slide shows - by
03/04/04 MFR... ..itís a handy little tool to have around, especially for road warriors... Itís excellent for backing up data from those expensive flash memory cards onto dirt-cheap CD-RW discs. .. fills in nicely as a home DVD player. If youíre on-the-go, juggling various media types in your bag of tricks, the Addonics Multi Function Recorder deserves a close look...
- by
1/13/04 Addonics has truly come up with an ingenious solution. From mounting the enclosure inside of a normal 5¼Ē drive bay to just leaving it outside you case, youíll be happy with the ease of simplicity of both models - by Colin Quarello,