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Addonics News - 2005

12/12/05 Addonics Storage Tower allows system builders to put together terabyte storage systems and to mix and match optical and hard drives in the same enclosure - for any amount of storage.
11/01/05 The Storage Tower... is the best fit for a small enclosure. The multitude of drive options available... are awesome.
10/10/05 The SATA hard drive interface is the future... Addonics sells the SATA-IDE/ATAPI Converter model that allows the use of a SATA hard drive when an ATA (IDE) interface is required.


Addonics Technologiesí new SATA II PCI-X controller frees custom system builders... when constructing storage solutions. The new device features four external Serial ATA (SATA) II ports and supports RAID 5 and JBOD.


4-in-1, 7-in-1, 20-in-1... the industry seems to constantly encourage you to upgrade your card reader by enticing you with how many formats the new ones can handle.... But now, in something of a twist, Addonics wants to make the popular Compact Flash format speedier and more functional by using the Serial ATA (SATA) interface.


Removable and portable hard drives are nothing new. But Addonics Technologies has kicked the concept up a notch with its Saturn Drive Cartridge System (SDCS). The SDCS lets ordinary hard drives be used as hot-swappable units and also lets them be used externally by Marc Spiwak


If you like playing mix-and-match with your hard drives and PCs, Addonics Saturn kits make it easy to meet your systems' specific needs. - by Bill O'Brian


The company's new Saturn product line enables users to combine or reconfigure drive components to meet different storage needs. The product line hinges on an external enclosure, an internal drive cradle, and optional cables enabling drives to be connected either way.
by Christopher Saunders