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Addonics News - 2008

12/12/08 "The Addonics NAS Adapter offers fairly robust management features, including user-level access and password protection to folders.."
8/18/08 "Power users who have dreamed of outfitting their portable backup solution in a RAID 0 array can now do so thanks to Addonics' new Portable Dual Drive RAID enclosure (AE25RDESU). Nervous Nellies are covered too, with RAID 1 providing a backup for your backup."
7/07/08 "Addonics has released its new Portable Dual Drive RAID Enclosure (US$99), which accommodates up to up to two 2.5-inch SATA hard drives into a small package. To enhance portability, the entire storage unit is designed to be powered by most USB ports."
7/07/08 "The chassis opens to allow you access to the drive mechanisms without needing any screws to be removed."
7/07/08 "We've seen a couple tiny / portable RAID enclosures, but Addonics's new Portable Dual Drive enclosure is the smallest we've seen so far, with a compact stacked design that allows you to easily swap drives. The eSATA / USB 2.0 box supports RAID 0/1 and several other disk configs, and Addonics is hyping compatibility with SATA-to-CF adapters that'll let you build a crazy SSD RAID."
7/07/08 "The drive features push-button RAID setting support and supports RAID Level 0 and Level 1, JBOD (Just a Bunch of DIsks), BIG, SAFE50, SAFE33 or GUI modes using built-in hardware"
7/11/08 "Constructed in heavy gauge aluminum, the Diamond Cipher drive kit is built to last while at the same time providing excellent heat dissipation for the hard drive."
7/11/08 "Addonics Technologies has announced a hard drive kit that allows users to use any SATA hard drive as a 256-bit AES hardware encrypted removable disk. You are no longer restricted to buying a full disk encryption Seagate or, from yesterday, Hitachi GST drive."
6/26/08 "With Addonics CF adapter, CardFlash is inexpensive enough to use now for any computer that doesn’t have to store bulk data. There’s more than enough room on a 16GB card for both your operating system and your applications."
6/12/08 "If you have several CompactFlash cards lying around from an old DSLR camera and want to put them to work inside your computer as a SSD drive Addonics has a new adapter that will allow just that. The Dual CF – SATA Adapter has dual CF slots to allow for using two CF cards as the same time via a SATA or USB connection."
5/12/08 " If you've got a dead iPod that's still loaded with files, this adapter will allow you to gain access to all of those files that would otherwise be lost."
5/06/08 "The Addonics Snap-In ExDrive25 is an attractive unit that features a very easy way to change out drives."
4/21/08 "the ExDrive25 comes in the form of a portable external drive case. Installing a drive is as easy as opening the access door on the front and sliding almost any 2.5 inch SATA drive inside. If you find yourself even occasionally having to swap 2.5 inch drives in and out of a case, you’ll appreciate the ExDrive25’s screw-free approach."
4/25/08 "The drive enclosure is extremely user-friendly. Users can directly insert the drive inside the 2.5-inch bay, then start using it on the fly. To maximize the installation efficiency, Addonics' enclosure needs no additional tools or screws for the installation part."
4/06/08 "The Addonics Zebra enclosure is a versatile and easy way to add a DVD, CD or hard drive as an external drive to your computer system and even home entertainment system."
2/13/08 "Addonics has created a very flexible (not to mention mad scientist) approach to maximizing your storage potential thanks to the complementary options offered by the eSATA II RAID5/JBOD Controller and the 5x1 External eSATA Port Multiplier."
2/01/08 "As the high definition format war rages on, the new Zebra provides the best of both worlds. You’ll enjoy both HD DVD and Blu-ray discs on your computer at home or while traveling with this high-end, “jack of all trades” player."
1/07/08 Product of the Week: Addonics Zebra HD Combo Drive