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Addonics News - 2011

9/23/2011 "Addonics Snap-In Disk Array Gives ODD Bays an Extra Use"
8/15/2011 "Inc. Magazine Lists Addonics HPM as one of 10 Tech Innovations to Help Your Business."
7/22/2011 "Addonics has made a few great improvements on the NAS 3.0 - there's support for drive volumes over 256TB in size, a much improved web GUI, and WebDAV support to easily create your own cloud at home."
5/17/2011 "Do you think that creating your own cloud server is a hard task? need a expert network administrator to set it up?"
5/17/2011 "Tired of having to rely on third party solutions for cloud storage? Unsatisfied with their uptime, security or policies? Well, you don’t have to worry no more."
4/13/2011 "Imagine the benefits of combining six memory cards in a RAID architecture or use them as six separate storage drives. Totally awesome!"
4/13/2011 "Make a SSD Out of CF Cards with Addonics SATA Adapter"
4/13/2011 "Addonics SATA adapter turns six CF / CFast cards into one SSD"
4/11/2011 "Addonics lets you turn your CF or CFast cards into a solid state drive"
3/10/2011 "Keeping one's personal data safe at all times is an extremely important task, especially when said pieces of information have quite a sensitive nature, and this is exactly where the new External CipherChain from Addonics comes into play."
3/10/2011 "Unlike simple password protection and low level encryption, the Addonics External CipherChain is built on a FIPS certified AES 256-bit crypto engine, providing the same level protection used to secure government documents classified as "Top Secret.""
2/14/2011 "If you want to encrypt the data on an external eSATA drive and you use a Windows-based system, the Addonics CyperChain ExpressCard is a no-nonsense solution to achieve that.  The device is easy to setup and it works well - without an impact to data transfer speeds."