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ExpressCard Adapter Cardbus / PCMCIA Adapter

ExpressCard Adapter
2-Port USB 3.0 ExpressCard 34
This new Addonics USB 3.0 ExpressCard adapter is a simple and economical solution to upgrade your Windows Notebook computer to the latest high speed USB 3.0 technology. For Notebook with ExpressCard version 2.0, the adapter can deliver data rate up to 4.8 Gbps, 10 times the speed of USB 2.0.
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6G 2-port eSATA ExpressCard 34
The 2 Port eSATA 6G ExpressCard will instantly add the latest SATA III standard, with maximum data throughput up to 6Gbits/sec, to laptop system via a single Express Card slot. Together with Addonics' family of eSATA cabling system, Notebook users can enjoy the fastest performance with any external storage devices, as much as 10 times the data transfer rate of the USB 2.0.
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USB 2.0 ExpressCard Memory Adapter
The USB 2.0 ExpressCard Memory adapter is an USB reader/writer for the latest ExpressCard flash memory. This adapter is an ideal solution for any computer to read and write to the ExpressCard flash media via high speed USB 2.0 connection without the ExpressCard slot.
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Dual CF ExpressCard34 DigiAdapter
The Addonics Dual CF ExpressCard 34 DigiAdapter is an excellent option for Notebook users looking for a high speed Compact Flash reader on their ExpressCard 34 slot. This adapter features two UDMA6-compatible Compact Flash card slots and a RAID 1 (Mirrored) option which protects the valuable data stored on the card by writing identical information to both of the cards. BigDrive (JBOD) and individual drive modes are also supported.
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ExpressCard Cardbus Adapter
This ExpressCard CardBus adapter is a cost effective solution to add back the CardBus slot that is missing in many notebook computers. Designed to turn any ExpressCard slot into a standard CardBus slot, with this adapter, notebook computers that are equipped with ExpressCard only can now accept CardBus Wireless broadband card, LAN card, Panasonic P2™ Card, CardBus eSATA adapter, video capture card and many other types of CardBus adapters.
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2 Port eSATA Express Card 34
The 2 Port eSATA Express Card Adapter enchances your laptop system with two eSATA II ports from a single Express Card slot. Each eSATA II port provides a maximum of 300 MB/sec data throughput through SATA II.
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RAID 5/JBOD eSATA Express Card 34 - Discontinued
The RAID 5/JBOD eSATA ExpressCard 34 is the perfect solution for the creation of high performance RAID 0, 1, 10, or 5 RAID configurations using eSATA II connection through the ExpressCard slot. Each eSATA II port provides a maximum data throughout of 300 MB/sec, and is even Port Multiplier compatible.
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Gigabit Ethernet ExpressCard Adapter
The Gigabit Ethernet ExpressCard Adapter instantly adds high speed 1 Gigabit network connection to any notebook computer through the new ExpressCard slot. This ExpressCard adapter is fully compliant with IEEE 802.3 (10Base-T Ethernet), IEEE 802.3u (100Base-TX Fast Ethernet), IEEE 802.3z (1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet) networking.
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Firewire / USB 2.0 ExpressCard Adapter
This Firewire / USB 2.0 ExpressCard Adapter upgrades your Notebook PC with two Firewire ports and one USB 2.0 port via the new ExpressCard slot. Boasting superior performance and low power consumption compared to the aging Cardbus and PCMCIA cards, this ExpressCard also comes with a DC power jack for optional external power adapter to provide direct power to the adapter.
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PCI-E to ExpressCard Controller
The Addonics PCI-E to ExpressCard Controller provides a quick and simple solution for adding an ExpressCard socket to any Desktop. It is an ideal solution for sharing any ExpressCard adapter between the Notebook and the Desktop computer.
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4-in-1 DigiAdapter ExpressCard 34
The Addonics 4-in-1 DigiAdapter ExpressCard 34 is a great option for Notebook users which have the new ExpressCard 34 slot to read small size ultra flash cards, including Memory Stick™, Memory Stick Duo ™, Secure Digital Card™ or Multimedia Card™.
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Cardbus / PCMCIA Adapter
Desktop Card Drive
Designed to work just like the CardBus/PCMCIA slot in the Notebook computer, the Desktop CardBus comes with a PCI controller and a 3.5
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PCI CardBus/PCMCIA controller
The PCI CardBus/PCMCIA controller makes adding CardBus or PCMCIA slot to any Desktop, Server or computing equipment as easy as counting 1, 2, 3! Simply insert the controller into a PCI slot and reboot the computer.
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CardBus eSATA RAID5/JBOD Adapter - Discontinued
The Addonics CardBus eSATA RAID5/JBOD Adapter brings the high performance SATA technology, RAID 5 and TeraByte storage capability to your Notebook via one CardBus slot.
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CardBus eSATA Adapter
The CardBus eSATA adapter, incorporated the new eSATA connector, provides secured cable connection, improved durability, increased EMI protection and up to 2 meters cable length for external SATA connection.
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4-in1 DigiAdapter - PCMCIA
Features an innovative design that reads / writes to four popular Flash media, Memory Stick, Smart Media, Secure Digital Card or Multimedia Card, via PCMCIA type II slot.
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Compact Flash Adapter
The CF DigiAdpater is a simple and economical solution for converting Compact Flash memory and Micro Drive into PCMCIA card.
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