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The Addonics family of hard drive duplicator controllers provide a simple fast drive copying solution without using a computer. Designed to install into standard 5 1/4" drive bay of any computer chassis and be powered by a standard PC power supply, any SATA hard drive or SSD, from 1.8" to 3.5" form factor, can be connected to the source and target port of the duplicator controller. There are choices of three models to offer duplication of 1 copy, 5 copies, or 11 copies at one time depending on your volume requirement. It is an ideal solution for making back up copy of hard drives or for transferring OS and software between different type of hard drives. Together with Addonics family of Storage Towers and Mobile Racks, you can custom build your own hard disk duplicator solution with unlimited possibilities.

Diagram of 1:1 Duplicator

Diagram of 1:5 Duplicator

Diagram of 1:11 Duplicator

Connection Diagram example (1:1 Duplicator HDUSAS shown)

Visit the Addonics HDD Duplicator page for our family of the turn key solutions

Product Features

  • Choice of models for 1 to 11, 1 to 5, or 1 to 1 duplicator
  • Install into any 5 1/4" drive bay
  • Standard SATA ports for connecting the source drive and destination drive
  • Maximum transfer rate:
    • 1:1 duplicator - up to 1.5 Gbps*
    • 1:5 duplicator and 1:11 duplicator - up to 3.0 Gbps*
  • Supported maximum drive capacity:
    • 1:1 duplicator - up to 2TB (new firmware for larger capacity is expected to be available in 30 days)
    • 1:5 - 1:11 duplicator - no capacity limitation
  • Power connector onboard for connecting to standard PC power supply
  • Make exact copy of any SATA hard drive or SDD to any SATA hard drive or SSD.
  • Can also copy IDE hard drive attaching optional IDE- SATA converter (model #: ADIDESA) to the hard drive
  • Also can be used to duplicate an entire RAID volume or any drive within a RAID group
  • Great for cloning another hard drive or for making a back up hard drive
  • Drive sanitization:
    • SECURE ERASE - HDD duplicator sends a WIPE command to the hard drive. This command fills 00 string to entire HDD
    • OVERWRITE - One pass, 3 passes and 7 passes 5220.22-M.  The duplicator writes a string of pattern over the entire disk one time, three times or seven times. 5220.22-M is the DoD standard for drive sanitization
  • OS independent
  • LCM control module provides a rich set of robust advanced configuration options (click following links for the full list of the duplicator functions on each duplicator subsystem: 1:1, 1:5, and 1:11
  • Operate as a stand alone appliance. No computer or software needed
  • Self diagnostics when power on
  • Easy operation without software and training are required
  • * Actual transfer rate depends on the speed of the source and destination drive

Model and Pricing

Description and Package Content
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1:1 HDD Duplicator Subsystem

Package content:
1:1 HDD Duplicator Console, power cord, User guide

$109 Cart


1:5 HDD Duplicator Subsystem

Package content:
1:5 HDD Duplicator Console, power cord, User guide

$479 Cart


1:11 HDD Duplicator Subsystem

Package content:
1:11 HDD Duplicator Console, power cord, User guide

$899 Cart


  • Writing mode : Sector to Sector
  • LCD display with functional control panel
  • 8MB SDRAM for data buffer
  • 2 independent SATA interface channels on HDUSAS
  • 6 independent SATA interface channels on HDU5SAS
  • 12 independent SATA interface channels on HDU11SAS
  • Support Device : Hard Disk / SSD
  • Power Source : 4P power connection from standard PC power supply
  • Dimensions: 5.87 x 5.67 x 1.73 inch (149 x 144 x 44 mm) (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 6.95oz (197g)
  • Operating temperature and humidity: 0 - 60 degree C, 10% - 90% RH
  • Storage temperature and humidity: (- 20) - 65 degree C, 5% - 95% RH non-condensing

Specification subject to change without notice


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