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All Addonics hardware encryption products incorporates the eNova's AES/DES/TDES Cryptographic engine that has been certified by NIST and CSE. These certificates are available on NIST web links: ( and
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Jupiter Cipher 2.5" IDE Hard Drive Solution

Jupiter Cipher - The Addonics Jupiter drive kit, designed for 2.5” IDE hard drives, is the most advanced and complete drive enclosure solution. It comes with all the important features that are required in a portable hard drive – rugged anodized aluminum housing, shock proof, light weight, compact size, and choice of enclosure that includes bullet proof hardware encryption to protect your sensitive data. For a detailed overview of the Jupiter Cipher, click here.
Jupiter Cipher 2.5" IDE Hard Drive Solution
Jupiter Cipher Drive Cartridge System for 2.5" IDE hard drive (JCDCS)
Creates a hot swap capable drive cartridge system for 2.5" IDE hard drives using durable and shock proof drive enclosures which also secure your data with hardware encryption
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Jupiter Cipher ExDrive for 2.5" IDE hard drive (JCEXD)
The Jupiter Cipher ExDrive Kit possesses all the new features of the Jupiter ExDrive with it's shock proof, light weight, and compact size drive enclosures while implementing our powerful new Addonics Cipher hardware encryption technology.
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Jupiter Cipher Mobile Rack for 2.5" IDE hard drive (JCMR)
Combines the safe and reliable removable storage application of the Jupiter Mobile Rack with our new Addonics Cipher key encryption technology. Hardware based key encryption is as easy to operate as the lock to a door, and provides a virtually uncrackable security solution for your Jupiter Mobile Rack.
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Jupiter Cipher Combo Hard Drive for 2.5" IDE hard drive (JCCHD)
Improves on the Jupiter Combo Hard Drive by upgrading the Jupiter drive enclosure to use Addonics Cipher hardware encryption technology. While functioning as an external hard drive or as a removable hard drive system, you can feel confident knowing your hard drive data is not compromised.
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