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Bullet proof encryption    Affordable    FIPS 140-2 certified Crypto Module

Product Introduction

Have you been looking for a simple and affordable solution to add bulletproof security to your system or your data storage equipment?  The Addonics family of CipherChain products is the answer.  Designed using the same field proven in both the Addonics Diamond Cipher and Ruby Cipher AES 256-bit crypto engine (NIST & CSE certified), the Addonics CipherChain is a small encryption module, the size of a compact flash, that can be easily installed into any computing equipment.  Practically any desktop PC, server, rack mounted system, kiosk or external storage system can be secured with CipherChain products.
The standard CipherChain comes with one internal SATA host port and one internal SATA device port to encrypt any internal SATA storage device.  The CipherChain-e, a model that comes equipped with one internal SATA host port and one eSATA port to secure the data stored in any eSATA storage devices.  Both CipherChain uses the same AES 256-bit encryption.

(to encrypt any internal SATA storage device)

Simple to use
Similar to all other Addonics encryption products, the CipherChain are pure hardware solution, meaning there is no software to run, no driver to install, and no password to remember.  There is very little user training required to use the CipherChain products. All the user needs to do is to insert the correct Cipher key before powering on the system or the storage device.  The family of CipherChain products can be operated under any operating system and this makes the CipherChain and the CipherChain-e an ideal security solution for organizations with heterogeneous computing environments and legacy systems.

Easy to install
The CipherChain family of products is a simple pass through device that works with any SATA I/II/III hard drive, SSD (Solid State Drive), or storage device with SATA interface. The SATA hard drive to be encrypted is first connected to the device side of the CipherChain and the host side (blue SATA connector) of the CipherChain, in turn, connects to the SATA port on the system board or a SATA controller.  For the CipherChain-e, the device side is equipped with an eSATA port to encrypt any eSATA storage device.

CipherChain (for encypting internal SATA storage)
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Both the CipherChain is a small module that can easily fit into practically any computer or storage equipment.  Addonics provides a wide variety of mounting brackets to install the CipherChain and the CipherChain-e into various systems via a 3.5" drive bay, a 5.25" drive bay, a slim CD drive bay, a PCI slot, or the SCSI-I (Centronic 50) punch out commonly found on many external drive enclosures. There is also a dual CipherChain bracket to install up to two CipherChains to encrypt as many as two storage devices in one bracket.  Since each CipherChain works independently, a customer may install as many CipherChains as needed for the number of storage devices desired to secure the system.  Depending on the security control strategy, a customer may use Cipher keys with the same or different key code for each CipherChain.

Desktop 3.5" Drive Bay
slim CD bay in Rackmount or SFF PC
PCI Slot on any computer
CipherChain on 3.5" drive bay bracket
choice of bracket for single
CipherChain or Dual CipherChain

CipherChain on Slim CD bay bracket
choice of bracket for single CipherChain
or Dual CipherChain

CipherChain on PCI bracket






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CipherChain are full disk encryption solutions, meaning that the boot sector, partition table, and all the information in the drive are encrypted.  When the main drive (boot drive) of a system is connected to the CipherChain, the system will be disabled without the Cipher key and storage devices protected by the CipherChain are inaccessible without the Cipher key.  If the CipherChain encrypted drive is stolen and then is connected to another system, the drive will appear as a brand new drive with no trace of any data.

The AES 256-bit encryption provided by the CipherChain is considered at the highest level of encryption standard; that is, secure enough to protect classified information designated as “Top Secret”.  Customers can raise the security level to a more complex level by simply daisy chaining two or more CipherChains; there is no limit as to the number of CipherChains that can be linked together in this set-up.  The daisy chaining of two or more CipherChains will raise security to another level when a different person controls each Cipher key.  It is impossible to penetrate even the encryption of a single CipherChain.

Daisychaining example with multiple CipherChains

The CipherChain encrypts and decrypts data instantly using a NIST & CSE certified cryptographic AES engine.  Unlike software encryption products that depend on the system CPU to encrypt and decrypt the data, the CipherChain has no impact on CPU utilization.  This allows the system CPU to perform its computing tasks at normal speeds.  There is also no measurable impact on the performance of the hard drive; therefore, there is no noticeable performance difference between a system equipped with or without the CipherChain.

Cipher key
The AES 256-bit Cipher key used for the encryption/decryption in the CipherChain is the same Cipher key used in the Addonics Diamond Cipher drive kit and Ruby Cipher drive kit.  As a result, the same encryption key can operate the storage device that has been encrypted by either the CipherChain, Diamond Cipher, or Ruby Cipher drive kit. Customers may also order Cipher keys with the same key codes when ordering multiple CipherChain kits or Cipher keys.  The Cipher keys can also be reprogrammed with other codes by using the optional key management system or by sending the keys to Addonics for the reprogramming service (at no charge).

There is no back door for the CipherChain encrypted hard drive if the Cipher key is lost or stolen.
To ensure there is a spare key, every CipherChain kit comes with one pair of Cipher keys. One of these keys should be kept in a safe, secure location and, if needed, can be sent back to Addonics for duplicating additional keys.  If one of the two keys is lost, be sure to make a back up of all the data stored inside the encrypted hard drive prior to sending the sole key to Addonics.  Addonics is not responsible for keys lost in the mail or the retrieval of the data inside the encrypted hard drive.

Product Reviews

help net security website 8/30/2010
"There are many situations where the Dual CipherChain could be used. An out-of-state server installation is now easily secured, install the software and data on the server. Unplug the Cipher key, ship the server and fly out with the key in our pocket. The data is safe during shipping."

help net security website 12/9/2009
"There are an incredible number of similar solutions out there for hard drive encryption, software and hardware, but Addonics is by far one of the easiest, and even if you barely know your way around the inside of a PC, you should be able to install this without issue."

"Addonics Technologies has rolled out CipherChain, an AES 256-bit hardware full disk encryption system for personal computers, servers, rack mounted systems, data storage and any computing equipment."

*A Certification Mark of NIST, which does not imply product endorsement by NIST, the U.S. or Canadian Governments.

specifications subject to change without notice