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The CF/CFast Drive from Addonics is a unique and flexible platform for creating your own solid state drive (SSD) with high speed SATA interface using commercially available CF flash card or the latest high speed CFast card. Designed to be installed into a standard 5 1/4" drive bay of a Desktop or Rack mounted system, the CF/CFast Drive can accommodate up to six CF or CFast media. The six media could be configured as six independent drives or combined into a RAID group to form a large capacity, high performing solid state drive. Any of the six media slots can be set up to be used as an internal storage application so that the media cannot be accessible from outside the system. This flexibility enables the CF/CFast drive to be used as a bootable storage device, as six removable drives or as a combination of a boot drive and removable storage all inside a 5 1/4" drive bay. It is the ideal solution for adding solid state storage to any Desktop or Rack mount system for better performance, lower power consumption and improving the durability in computing environments with frequent shocks and vibrations.

The six media slots in CF/CFast drive are highly customizable. The CF or CFast media can be mixed and matched and any of the slots can be converted into an internal flash drive slot. The models presented on this page are configurations that fits many common applications, but you may also configure your own by selecting the customization button below the model and price section.

CF or CFast Drive with 6 independent media slots

In this configuration, the six media slots are set up to connect to system via six SATA ports. The six media will appear as six drive letters in the Operating System. Any one of the media slot can be set up as a boot media. Each media slot can also be converted into an internal slot to prevent the media from accessible outside the system.


CF or CFast RAID drive

The CF or CFast RAID drive is equipped with five removable media slots and one internal media slot. The six externally accessible media slots are connected to a Hardware Port Multiplier (HPM). This enable all six media to be connected to a system via just 2 SATA ports. The five removable media connecting to the HPM can be set up as a single drive volume in RAID 0, 5, 5+S or as five independent drives. Either the RAID volume or the one internal media slot can be used as a boot drive.

This internal media slot can be used as a boot drive and also be converted into an external slot. Using the dip switches on the HPM or the HPM Windows utility, the 5 removable media can be configured as a large capacity and high performance solid state drive or as five independent* removable drive

Key Features

  • Install up to six CF or CFast cards in one 5 1/4" drive bay
  • Choice of models with CF card slot or CFast card slot slot
  • Choice of models with six independent slots or models with built-in Hardware Port Multiplier (model: AD5SAHPMSXA)
  • Model with port multiplier supports the following RAID configurations with the five externally accessible media: RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 10, JBOD, Clone Mode (N-Way Mirror) or individual drive *.
  • Support SATA I, II and III transfer speed (SATA I, SATA II when connected through PM/HPM)
  • Supports PIO, DMA and UDMA
  • Maximum transfer rate depends on the flash media
  • Supports hot swap when connects to hot swap SATA controller
  • LED to indicate media access
  • Low power consumption
  • Complete Plug and Play, no software driver required

* individual drive support on the PM requires connecting to SATA port that is PM compatible. Please check with your system manufacturer if you plan to connect to the onboard SATA port. Alternatively you may add one of the Addonics PM compatible host controllers to your system.

Model and Pricing

Drive with all CF slots
Description and Package Content
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CF Drive
Content: 6-Slot CF Drive, data and power cables, installation guide


CF Drive
Content: CF RAID +1 Independent Internal CF Slot Drive with Hardware Port Multiplier (AD5HPMSXA), data and power cables, installation guide


Drive with all CFast slots
Description and Package Content
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CFast Drive
Content: 6-slot CFast Drive with 6 data and 1 power connections, installation guide


CFast Drive
Content: CFast RAID +1 Independent Internal CFast Slot Drive with Hardware Port Multiplier (AD5HPMSXA) and comes with 2 data and 1 power connections, installation guide

Click on the following link to customize your drive with different combination of CF or CFast slot and Port Multiplier
CF / CFast Drive custom configuration


Interface: SATA
Maximum Read / Write Speed: All UDMA modes up to UDMA6 (133MB/s)” change to “Maximum Read / Write Speed all PIO modes, all UDMA modes” since CFast is native SATA based and is not limited by UDMA6 transfer rates.
Hot swap media Yes when drive connects to hot swap SATA port
Power consumption
  • CF model: ~50 mA at 5V per slot without the media
  • CFast model: ~ 10 mA at 5V per slot without the media
Supported OS OS Independent
Dimensions: W: 145mm (5.7in), D: 160mm (6.3in), H: 42mm (1.65in)
Weight: 650g (for model: AE6CF and AE6CAS)
680g (for model: AE6CFHI, AE6CAHI)
Operating Temperature & Humidity : 0 C to + 60C, 5 - 95 % RH non condensing
Storage Temperature & Humidity: -20 °C to + 60 °C , 5 - 90% RH
Warranty: One Year

All specifications are subject to change without notice. All other products are trademarks of their respective owners.


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CF or CFast Drive

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