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Discontinued and replaced by the CFast Industrial memory Cards

Addonics’ new CFast flash memory, redefines the high speed storage standard. The CFast flash memory with SATA interface features improved write/read performance over traditional Compact Flash flash memory.

Addonics CFast flash memory is a revolution to the traditional Compact Flash Card, satisfying mobile digital devices storage needs, like PDAs, digital cameras, etc. Addonics CFast flash memory has a maximum transfer rate of 100MB/s which is twice as fast as the fastest Compact Flash flash memory while still maintaining the small original CF mechanical form factor. The new CFast flash memory breaks the speed bottleneck between the SSD and the device by using SATA interface. With Addonics CFast flash memory installed, there will be no waiting time for camera to catch up, and it will be much swifter to view pictures on camera or to copy them to computer.

Product Features

  • The latest generation of Compact Flash cards using Serial ATA bus
  • Choice of 8GB or 32GB capacities
  • High speed - up to 100MB/s (read) and 40MB/s (write) transfer rate
  • Size of CF-1
  • RoHS Compliant

Model and Pricing

Description and Package Content
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Addonics CFast Card 8GB, MLC flash


Addonics CFast Card 16GB, MLC flash


Addonics CFast Card 32GB, MLC flash


Optional CFast readers and adapters

Description and Package Content
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eSATAp CFast Memory Adapter

Package content: eSATAp CFast Memory Adapter, 1 foot eSATAp cable, 3 foot USB-A to mini USB power cable

$39.99 Cart

SATA - CFast Adapter on black color 3.5" drive bay mounting bracket

Content: SATA - CFast Adapter, 3.5" drive bay bracket, one 18" SATA cable, 4P - 15P SATA power cable, standard height PCI bracket, low profile PCI bracket, installation guide

$26.99 Cart

SATA to CFast Adapter on standard height PCI mounting bracket

Content: SATA - CFast Adapter, one 18" SATA cable, standard height PCI bracket, low profile PCI bracket and SCSI-I connector bracket, 4P - 15P SATA power cable, installation guide

$23.99 Cart

CFast HDD Adapter

Content: CFast HDD Adapter

$18.95 Cart


  • Flash type: MLC
  • Form Factor: 36.4mm x 42.8mm x 3.3mm
  • Type: CF Type I standard
  • Maximum speed: up to 100MB/s (read) and 40MB/s (write) transfer rate
  • Maximum throughput of CFast spec: Up to 300MB/s Read, 300MB/s Write
  • Voltage: 3.3V
  • Operating shock rating: 2,000Gs – impact-resistance
  • Complies with Compact flash™ Association specification standards
  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 70° C
  • Storage Temperature: -20° to 85° C
  • Warranty: 1 year

All specifications are subject to change without notice

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